House prep can greatly increase the appeal of your property to buyers and increase the perceived value in their minds.

What You Need To Prepare:

Keeping the following factors in mind when getting your home ready for sale will make sure you get the most out of your Brevard home:

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

Make sure your landscape is pristine throughout the sale, and adding colorful touches to your yard with inexpensive plants, will make an impact-full first impression on passers-by and potential buyers.

Perform Simple Property Repairs

Make sure to repair all the simple things.  Check all your windows for any cracks or anything you can fix up quickly.  Most people overlook simple repairs or upkeep such as polishing the doornobs and cabinet hardware.  Potential buyers instantly notice things like this and subconsciously can determine a sale.  Throwing a fresh coat of paint on the main rooms will instantly improve a buyers idea of your home.

Staging and Keeping Your Home Clean

A home that smells good, every room lit with either natural or creative lighting, and is clean and uncluttered will always bring more at closing.  Things that sellers always overlook are cleaning up the pet toys or keeping the pets separated during the sale.  As much as you may love your pet, not all buyers do, and could be allergic.  Make the home inviting to all.  Make sure to keep any floral agangements fresh.  Nothing turns off a buyer like wilting flowers.  If you put a fresh bouquet at the entrance way it will instantly impress on the buyer.  Light some scented candles or pop in some cinnamon rolls in the oven.  Make the house smell like a home.  Andy Noel will make sure you have hit all the right points here to make the sale.

Disclosures and Inspections

The legal side of selling your home can be daunting.  Having a sales agent on your side to make sure all the legal procedures are taken care of is imperative.  We can help you develop a thorough disclosure statement that covers both you and is beneficial to the buyer.  We will also make sure that you address all pre sale home improvements are covered, such as termite and pest inspections, before the house is placed on the market to save any pitfalls later during the sale.

Open House and Showings

Selling your home to potential buyers with the best attitude and strategy is our job.  Buyers always respond more comfortably with the sales agent when discussing the home, if you aren’t there of course.  Most importantly, your Brevard home sales agent will know everything about your home that will be important to the potential buyers and in your best interest in promoting.

Selling a home in Brevard can be a difficult and frustrating process, if you don’t have the right help and guidance.  Choose Andy Noel to guide you through the process of selling your home in Brevard.  I have the experience and knowledge of the Brevard housing market to make your home sale painless and profitable.

If you have decided that now is the time to sell you home in Brevard, then please move on to Accepting An Offer or give me a call at 321-693-0678 to get started.